Everyone is quick to talk about what is not working and as a society the blame game is ingrained in us. By doing this, we leave in our hearts the memories of failure as against the experience of success that we desire. From the shared experience of our founder about how the head of a fish spurred him to excellence, we believe in the power of celebrating our little success to build the great society that we want, inspire innovation and raise leaders.

We take steps to timely identify and reward progressive excellence from the cradle. We also identify committed, upright and respected innovators, community leaders, professionals, artisans and entrepreneurs who have shown character, resilience and made remarkable contributions to their community and profession. Academic excellence alone may not make us great, therefore in recognition of the natural/cultural talents, we intentional look for musical, art, speaking, and poetry talents. This last categories must be able to combine our culture, dialects and local languages excellently with English language in their performances/presentation.

Hence every year, we organize a PROJECT SOAR , award event across our societies, schools, primary , high schools and colleges in our coverage areas for pupils, students, youths, entrepreneurs, teachers. By doing this we hope to return our society to a value-oriented culture, a sense of reward for excellent/improvement and a drive/passion to innovation, hard work among young people across the communities we serve. We also encourage the development of natural talents by creating and rewarding outstanding students with such gifting, so that they can embrace and pursue their educations around this natural competencies and enroll in school.

Beyond giving awards and celebrating our awardees at the local levels, we are committed to sponsoring, training and encouraging them to compete in national and international competitions. We are convinced that we can be the vehicle to convey them to greatness, stardom, a life of success that can in turn spur other others and galvanize the development of their immediate society.




No student or awardee with a report of questionable character and unruly behavior will be given an award, notwithstanding his/her sterling academic performance, commitment to societal development, and talents. We will not celebrate rogues, law-breakers, miscreants, or bullies. We shall summarily and publicly withdraw an award from any awardee if found involved in incidences mentioned above.

In the years that we cannot find a suitable awardee for an award category, we simply defer the award to the following year.

Our local genre and music are simply awesome. We are intent on continuously promoting those talent that can inspire mankind and honor God; blending our rich local genre with foreign languages and music. In a three day event, we simply hunt for these unsung talents, get two to three winners, record their albums (both audio and video) free and expose them to a bigger platforms, competitions and promote their music. We are working on partnership with international record labels to in this regard as well.

The reality is that somethings need to change within the African society: from the quality of our government services, to the way we conduct all manner of business and how the society functions. Of all continent, we remain the least productive economy in spite of our natural endowment. Our dream is to help the African economy innovate at a fast rate integrating technology as seamlessly as possible, create product that are designed by its people for its people and empowering young people to creatively proffer solutions that are scalable.

So this award is also an investment pitch event. Contestants shall be in team of not less than three and limited to 5. Each team is to identify a critical government service challenge, business issue, SME operational issues and or societal challenges that affect a critical mass and proffer scalable, workable and ingenious innovations to resolve then using technology.

Innovations can be:

  • An improvement of an existing product to use less time. Energy and cost
  • Or a new product, IT, e-commerce, design that are suitable to change a low-productive activity within the economy

This award is opened to the public but limited to anyone below the age of 50, as of November10 of the current year.

Carefully selected entrepreneur and business leaders shall be members of the panels to select a winner. Winners will also be coached, assisted with networks with investments and sponsored to international pitch events.


Till date, we long for a visionary, selfless and intelligent leader like the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. This award is aimed at identifying young people in our schools who has shown remarkable character, vision and commitment to community development, lifting of the needs of their schools and colleagues.

Criteria: the best student along this weights are nominated: continuous assessment 40%, discipline 10%, punctuality 5%, Significant Contribution to societal development/colleague’s development, school or community 25%, Popularity/ test of influence 20%.

A maximum of 5 nominations shall be received from students and teachers per school using the attached sponsor form (Maximum of 2 for teachers). To qualify for this award a nominee must have secured a minimum of average cumulative scores of 60% over six terms period. The overall winner must have initiated an initiative which have capacity to transform lives and the immediate society.


In the end, great leaders are great speakers. Speaking reflects wisdom and the right words can motivate a people in the right direction and to stand up for a change. *How forcible are right words”-Job.

This is a speech competition opened to young people not older than 30years by November 10 of each year of the competition. Individuals are to form their own group of 3 people, register and complete in a public speaking competition to a group of judges and audience. Competing teams are not chosen as in a debate and as such the ability to make sense, stimulate, motivate, and inspire an audience is graded.

Speakers must of necessity be able to switch conveniently from our local dialect to the mainstream Yoruba language (or a Nigeria Language if national) and English Language without breaking the various rules of each languages. English language shall be the predominant language for communication and any candidate who switch beyond 30% of his/her speech is automatically disqualified. Wit, humor, proverbs and parables usage are encouraged. Again this not a debate.

Each speaking team is speaking on the same topic to be made public every year. Act if you need to, sing if it will work, reference other people’s writing if you quoting them. Plagiarism will be heavily penalized with disqualification. Be natural, be yourself and communicate.


The need for science and technology education for our economic development cannot be over emphasized. And driving innovation and the transformation of our low- productive activities requires that we integrate technology. We believe that practical and adaptable science and technology development is needed to reduce this poverty that ravages our land. As such we are encouraging academic devotion to sciences and technology education from the cradle.

This award is limited to primary and secondary schools- Primary and Secondary School Categories. We hope that with this award we can continue to stimulate young people’s enrollment in sciences.

Criteria: Student’s continuous assessment in science subjects 60%, discipline 10%, punctuality 10%, performance in laboratory tests 20%. On this weighted rating and using the score sheet, each school shall forward the name of its final nominee to the State/regional Award Committee. The award committee shall conduct quiz for nominees from all schools to determine the eventual winner.


Just like the science award, the award aim at stimulating interest in Mathematics but most especially life-related mathematical commitment. We are poised to support and encourage our winners to compete in national and international competitions

Criteria: Student’s continuous assessment in science subjects 60%, discipline 10%, punctuality 10%, performance in laboratory tests 20%. On this weighted rating and using the score sheet, each school shall forward the name of its final nominee to the State/regional Award Committee. The award committee shall conduct quiz for nominees from all schools to determine the eventual winner.


The greatest writer that ever lived remains Shakespeare and we all are witness to how his writing has shaped the world we live in. Pen is mightier than sword. To move our society to a desired haven and shaping values, we need to develop writers. People who tell our stories and culture to the world. This award thus celebrate literary art excellence in our primary and high schools.

Each school will consider the prospective awardees’ continuous assessment in both English and Literature with a weight rating of 40%. Each nominee must submit an artistic piece on anything of his or her interest. This could be on personal experiences, public issues. It could be poem, articles, drama, story, prose.

What is at test is the ability of the nominee to write original and creative literary thoughts that make for interesting read. This shall have a weighted rating of 60%. The articles or write-ups shall be replaced by spelling bee for primary schools. The write-ups could be poem, poetry, prose, drama and make the selection. Each student’s presentation also tells on the selection.


Let us celebrate together, the power of imagination in spoken words, to enrich our social lives and spur creativity. Some kids are just great story tellers. Even when we must encourage them to mathematics/science that we need, helping them to celebrate their natural virtues, called soft skills in their later professional careers is key to elevating the lots of the society. This is an award to recognize exceptional story-telling ability that can thrill the audience.

Criteria: Discipline 10%, attendance/punctuality 10% and continuous assessment score in English, Yoruba and any other language 30%. The 50% is awarded to the final presentation. Each school must hold a public speaking event that allows each candidate to show case its talents as desired. This could be comedy, display of ability to persuade others, storytelling. A final nominee shall make their presentations. Nominees must be able to code switch (from English, to Ekiti to Pidgin and still be fluent).


Can you imagine a word where everyone takes the first position? Smiles! That would be invitation to Chaos and may only exist in Eldorado. Our society only celebrate the best and who because they are celebrated, get incentives to continue to be so. What of the guy who is working so hard to improve. How about if we recognize him to be the best by celebrating his improvement? That exactly is what this award tends to do.

We simply compare the previous year’s performance with the current year in all areas of grading. The winner from each schools is examined for leadership instinct, knowledge of social and political events and overall disciple. The Award committee makes a choice of the overall winner and the runner up. Evidence must be shown of the students’ performance within the referenced period.


Limited to secondary schools. Each school will consider the prospective awardees’ continuous assessment in Mathematics, Commerce and Economics or account with a weight rating of 50%. Each nominee must submit a business idea or proposal of his or her interest and this idea must be original or pioneering.

This would be written, showing financial analysis of the business prospects. This shall have a weighted rating of 40%. The student would also have to do an oral presentation of his/her business ideas; this would have a weighted rating of 10%. Award committee score will be weighted 60% while the school score will be weighted 40%.


This is more like an art exhibition, with a panel of judges to decide the eventual winner. The viewing public would also have an opportunity to vote for the art of their choice. Rating by the viewing is weighted 30%. While the panels rating is weighted 70%.

A student to be qualified for nomination must have secured an average continuous assessment score of 50% in all subjects. The student with the best art work as adjudged by the school shall be presented to the award committee.

The art work shall be on display at presentation to the award committee. The nominee with best art work shall be adjudged the winner. What we look for include: depth of concept, originality, and quality/wellness of the use of local materials for the work.


Primary and Secondary School categories. Each school will nominate role models who are teachers. The following are considered: the nominee’s contribution outside the scope of his normal duty, towards the development of the school within the last two years; at least one of the students under the teacher’s supervision must qualify for one of the awards; the performance of students under the teacher’s supervision in any public/national exams within the last two years; the teacher’s contribution to the community or society in general.


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