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Project Soar


Everyone is quick to talk about what is not working and as a society, the blame game is ingrained in us. By doing this, we leave in our hearts the memories of failure as against the experience of success that we desire. From the shared experience of our founder about how the head of a fish spurred him to excellence, we believe in the power of celebrating our little success to build the great society that we want, inspire innovation and raise leaders.

We take steps to timely identify and reward progressive excellence from the cradle. We also identify committed, upright and respected innovators, community leaders, professionals, artisans, and entrepreneurs who have shown character, and resilience and made remarkable contributions to their community and profession. Academic excellence alone may not make us great, therefore in recognition of the natural/cultural talents, we intentionally look for musical, art, speaking, and poetry talents. These last categories must be able to combine our culture, dialects, and local languages excellently with the English language in their performances/presentations.

Hence every year, we organize a PROJECT SOAR, award event across our societies, schools, primary, high schools, and colleges in our coverage areas for pupils, students, youths, entrepreneurs, and teachers. By doing this we hope to return our society to a value-oriented culture, a sense of reward for excellence/improvement, and a drive/passion for innovation, and hard work among young people across the communities we serve. We also encourage the development of natural talents by creating and rewarding outstanding students with such gifting exact replica watches, so that they can embrace and pursue their educations around these natural competencies and enroll in school.

Beyond giving awards and celebrating our awardees at the local levels, we are committed to sponsoring, training, and encouraging them to compete in national and international competitions. We are convinced that we can be the vehicle to convey them to greatness, stardom, and a life of success that can in turn spur other others and galvanize the development of their immediate society.


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