We at Bridgewater’s think differently and we are set on the mission to advance the destiny of this great continent by promoting digital and entrepreneurship education, while also identifying/promoting talents and activities that will promote social inclusion in alignment with our vision.


Raise a new crop of African youth leaders, who develop indigenous and adaptable solutions to the problems of the continent; through the promotion of innovations, digital education, entrepreneurship skill development and social inclusion.




Bridgewaters Foundation for Youth Development is a non-governmental organization geared to stimulating the minds of African youths towards creating insightful yet indigenous solutions to the challenges Africa and the rest of the world face today. By promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership development across the continent, we aim to serve as a hub for raising a new crop of leaders with fertile minds, intellectual depth and strong work values.

Launched in Lagos, Nigeria in 2009 but in 2011, we mobilized to rural and semi- urban communities were we found more compelling needs. We are an African organization poised to raising a new crop of thinkers and young leaders who will work to create adaptable and indigenous solutions to address poverty and inequality.

WE OPERATE PRIMARILY OUTSIDE THE MEGA CITIES, attending to those in the majority yet often ignored.Lots of solutions have been devised and projects implemented in the past to help Africa out of poverty but only a few have had some relative success. Many have failed woefully: most of these solutions were originally not developed for the African society and neither were the locals involved in identifying and solving the problems.

We are passionate about helping africa escape the next evolution of poverty, inequality and cultural disorientation that might result from the growing innovation and digital divide.
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